Why outsource your title investigation?

In recent years, it is has become clear that clients expect a quick and easy property transaction when, in reality, that’s often not the case. We regularly hear from firms and on social media that there is increased pressure on conveyancers due to demand for updates and regular contact from both clients and estate agents.

The emergence of outsourced services in conveyancing has led to more efficient ways of working, utilising specific expertise to help deliver client service excellence. Why? Because not only is it more efficient than ‘traditional methods’ but because using technology and utilising outsourcing has led to a permanent change in the way some firms work. Increased focus on the use of technology and outsourced services can help reduce property transaction timelines and improve efficiencies across the business.

Recruiting for conveyancers is costly and time consuming, which is why some firms have turned to using services like ntitle for help. Using outsourced title investigation can save money, save recruitment costs, training and importantly, give your firm a consistency in standards of service.

Using ntitle for your title investigations allows the conveyancer to manage caseloads more efficiently, reduce stress, have more time for client care. Our 48-hour service level agreement keeps the transaction moving and allows firms to increase their instruction capacity. We have firms that use us for every purchase transaction, for some it’s during busier periods and others it’s seasonal.

We also have firms that use us for their more complex titles to allow their more experienced conveyancers time to progress transactions. The benefit of ntitle’s no contract and no minimum instruction service means we are there for you when you need us.

Here’s a few important ways in which ntitle can help your business today:


Using ntitle can help reduce transaction timelines as well as create efficiencies within your business by having a simplified process for conveyancers to manage their case loads and exceed client expectations.


We help to create standards and a consistency of service that support your firm and your clients by enabling in-house resources to focus on client contact and delivering exceptional customer service by removing title investigation from their day-to-day activities.


It is essential that our title investigators have expert knowledge of all tenure when handling such an important area of the conveyancing transaction. That’s why all our title investigators have a minimum of five years of industry experience. Our audit procedure ensures that ntitle standards are maintained at all times.


Our team is UK based, so we work when you work. One of our experts are always on hand to help with any enquiries you may have.


ntitle aids in the resource and capacity management for conveyancing firms. Offering increased capability and the ability to flex in line with demand, without increasing overheads. With no fixed contractual terms, no minimum or maximum instruction levels, firms have the freedom and flexibility to utilise the ntitle service as needed.



We keep up to date with industry news, compliance and guidance to ensure we remain working to the highest standards.

The Law Society have recently updated their guidance on outsourcing, for firms to review when considering using outsourced services. Please find the link to this guidance here.

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