ntitle’s New Year’s resolution; – to slim down the conveyancing process!

Learning from the past

If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that the conveyancing process is in desperate need of modernisation.

The government and the Law Commission are always looking for ways to speed up or secure the process for the clients but in turn this seems to merely generate more and more work for the conveyancer. Digitalisation of the conveyancing process however finally appears to be gaining momentum.

As part of the Land Registry’s movement towards digitalised services, E-signatures have been introduced and now accepted by the Land Registry to try and bring another part of the conveyancing process into the modern era. Also, most applications to the Land Registry can be submitted online portal. These initiatives will all help to speed up the conveyancing transaction.

Clients are also requesting digitalised protocol forms and contracts, both for the speed at which the client can receive these but also because of the protections offered by secure forms that cannot be amended without password protection.

Delays from other agencies; the Probate Registry, Local Authorities, Mortgage Companies have also contributed to delays in the conveyancing system. The digitalisation and modernisation of the Conveyancing industry will bring together all agencies involved in a transaction, which can only have a positive impact going forward.

In the past, Conveyancers have seen HIPs, which were not proven to be successful, however there is hope that the creation of a ‘lite’ version in the near future will be positively received. This will be in a digital format allowing a transaction to progress quickly from the start.

Conveyancing in 2023

ntitle offers a cost effective, outsourcing solution for busy conveyancing departments by reducing transaction timelines. We specialise in digital title investigation to ensure that our clients receive their reports, enquiries and a key snapshot tailored to their individual needs. ntitle helps by allowing conveyancers to focus on their ever-increasing regulatory requirements, such as money laundering and fraud (growing areas of trouble for the modern conveyancer) and their all-important client care, which is one of the top complaints of most law firms by clients.

Let us do the time-intensive title investigations and provide you with a compliant title report to go to your buyer within 48 hours. We also prepare property specific enquiries that are fully compliant with the conveyancing protocol and a snapshot of the title for the conveyancer to be able to identify key areas of concern.

Not being digital and relying on paper systems has undoubtedly contributed to the conveyancing stresses for all parties and conveyancers. With ntitle we run a secure, easy to use system. Our online hub for submission for even complex matters is simple and convenient. Once our title experts have completed your investigation, enquiries, and report it is all uploaded to the hub for downloading at your convenience. ntitle can investigate all tenures, regardless of their complexity together with searches and Management Packs.

So goodbye 2022 with its record breaking delays to conveyancing transactions. Here’s to 2023 with its innovation, speed, and happier conveyancing!

Alex McKay- Senior Title Investigator at ntitle

January 2023

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