Don’t lose out to lockdown

At ntitle, we are hearing from Conveyancing Firms from across the UK that they are busy…super busy! A national lockdown, a furlough scheme, and a stamp duty holiday means that the Conveyancing world is stretched.

Firms are operating over capacity, often with limited staff and negotiating the complications that remote working brings. The difficulties are exaggerated by having to deal with anxious, frustrated and time- consuming clients together with lengthy delays in mortgage applications and searches.

ntitle is an onshore legal outsourcing company providing a secure, quick and compliant title investigation service for busy Conveyancing Departments.

Benefits to our service

Reduced Transaction Times.

Do you have title investigations piled up on your desk for days? ntitle will return a completed title investigation with 48 hours. This means that within 48 hours of receiving the contract pack, enquiries can be emailed to the seller’s Conveyancer and the client receives a comprehensive, detailed and accurate report on title. Firms using ntitle have told us that they have seen considerable reductions in their transaction times

Improved Client Satisfaction

ntitle can take away that new build title investigation that you just can’t spare an afternoon to complete. Conveyancers will gain hours by not having to do the title investigation, enabling them to update their clients, update estate agents, and proactively progress transactions to exchange. Client satisfaction has always been the key to a firm’s success but the demands of clients in 2020 have taken client satisfaction to another level.

Manage Capacity efficiently

At ntitle, we do not have a minimum instruction level. We can help clear your backlog of title investigations or we can come to a more regular arrangement. Either way, our flexible service will allow you to manage your instruction levels and ultimately take on more work. We are hearing of many firms having to turn away work, needlessly.

Relieve stress & Improve productivity

We hope the Government recognise the importance of extending the stamp duty holiday beyond March 2021. However, as it stands, there is likely to be a bottleneck of transactions in the new year. Clients will be desperate to move, chains will be reliant on completion within the stamp duty holiday and Conveyancers will be taking on the stress. ntitle can help progress transactions and allow firms to complete as many transactions as possible. ntitle can help you beat the rush!

A smarter recruitment strategy

Outsourcing can offer a valuable solution to your capacity and staffing issues. During these uncertain times we appreciate that firms are apprehensive to recruit permanent members of staff. Our expert title investigators can help you through these times by allowing your more experienced conveyancers deal with the more complex issues in the transaction. Deployment of less experienced and cost balancing staff to compliment outsourcing to ntitle may solve your issue.

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