Work Experience at ntitle

Hello, I am Erin. Over the last week, I have been working with ntitle as part of my work experience and today I will be talking about my experiences working for them.

From a very early age, I have always known that I wanted to do something to do with law when I was older. So, when I found out that I had the opportunity to work with ntitle for my work experience I couldn’t refuse.

This week I have learned so much about property law and what goes on behind the scenes when buying a house. The first thing I got to do was read through a sample title investigation. Then I got to learn about all the documents that go into making the title investigations (there’s a lot!) and deepen my understanding of them by researching why they are all important.

One of the most interesting parts of this week for me was when I got to shadow Georgia as she took me step by step through the process of completing a title check. Another thing that I enjoyed was when I got to have a look at the operations & marketing of the business with Sophie. It shocked me to find out just how much businesses must rely on marketing to succeed. There has not been one thing that I have done this week that I haven’t enjoyed!

Everyone at ntitle was very catering and nothing was too much trouble for them even when they all had work to do. Every single person I spoke to was very nice. Even when everyone was busy, they all managed to make me feel welcome and able to ask questions. Nicola and Nicola were very good at ensuring that I was always okay and were always checking in on me to see how I was getting on. I always felt comfortable enough to ask a question if I didn’t understand anything and they were all good at explaining it, so that I was able to understand. I have really enjoyed my time with them.

ntitle has really helped me to decide if I want to pursue law as a career, and I definitely do! Although I was aware of all of the different areas of law before, this week has shown me just how many career paths I can take with it. This week has also given me a greater advantage over many people for things like university for example because I have a better grasp on how things work and not many people are as lucky as me to have an opportunity like this.

I have really enjoyed my week and I definitely recommend working here for your work experience if you are interested in law in any way. I am really happy with the things that I have achieved this week and I hope to use what I’ve been taught this week throughout my life. Thank you to everyone at ntitle for making this week so amazing.

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