Three Years of ntitle!

In March 2023 we celebrate three years since the launch of ntitle and it’s safe to say, that today’s ntitle is completely different to the ntitle of 2020, at the start of the pandemic.

ntitle has come a long way from lockdown where two conveyancers were working endlessly to promote a new business and work on all instructions, all whilst home schooling and never actually being in the same room as one another! Whilst we all still work endlessly, we have grown! We are so proud of our team of carefully chosen, experienced, knowledgeable conveyancers and Sophie, our Operations and Marketing Manager.

It has been encouraging to witness how Conveyancing firms are open to new ways of working and are able to adapt in ways they had never had to consider before over the last three years. In March 2020, firms were having to quickly adapt to a reduced workforce through furlough, remote working, home schooling, quarantine and then a stamp duty holiday. Having adapted and developed their working models so quickly and successfully, at ntitle we found that firms were suddenly open to the idea of outsourcing aspects of the conveyancing transaction. Firms were soon able to see the benefits of outsourcing, both for their business and for the wellbeing of their conveyancers.

ntitle was originally developed to assist with the peaks and troughs of the conveyancing market. However, this was just the start, Conveyancing firms have utilised the services of ntitle in many different ways over the years to suit their business needs. We have helped firms reduce their backlog of title investigations, we have firms that send us their complex matters only and some firms send all their title investigations to us. Firms have now adopted the ntitle service and changed their business model to more flexible approach. ntitle has allowed firms to increase and manage their capacity levels without the headache and additional cost of recruitment.

It is always fantastic to hear from our client firms how much they value our service. Firms are often reporting to us that they are seeing a significant reduction in their operating costs and an increase in their productivity together with an increase in client satisfaction due to our speedy 48 hour turn around. All of which reaffirms that we are doing something right!

One of the highlights of the past year was winning the Service Professionals Team of the Year Award at the Wales Legal Awards. We have since been shortlisted for categories in the Modern Law Awards, the Modern Conveyancing Awards, the British Conveyancing Awards and we are a finalist in the Cardiff Life Awards. The ntitle Teams are hugely proud of these achievements but also really excited to see where the future of ntitle takes us as we continue to evolve.

We are constantly learning, adapting and improving to ensure our clients receive the best possible service we can offer. Conveyancing is ever changing and we are committed to providing our team with as much training as possible to keep up to date with developments and procedures.

The past three years have allowed us to meet so many incredible individuals within the conveyancing industry, many of which have passed on their experience, wisdom, advice and encouragement and we are so grateful for the support shown to us by these people. We have been able to form lots of positive and meaningful relationships in this time which we will forever be grateful for. The Conveyancing Industry is full of great people who are committed to doing a great job and we feel honoured to be part of this fantastic network.

We can’t help but wonder what ntitle will teach us in year four. Well, we are working really hard on growth this year so that we can assist even more firms across England and Wales to be more efficient in what they do. We are so passionate about our ability to deliver an excellent service and 2023 is all about letting people know about our vision. As the world changes the Conveyancing Industry must do the same and we intent to be at the forefront of this change. We are so excited for the future, so here’s to the next 3 years and thank you all so much for your support!

Nicola Ashley and Nicola Davies

Co-founders and Directors of ntitle.

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