Take a break!

As a Conveyancer, you help clients with the sale and/or purchase of their home but you also become part of their story, which for some clients can come at an incredibly difficult or emotional time in their lives.

Conveyancers are expected to have time to provide regular updates to their clients and estate agents as well as be experts in Conveyancing, customer service, climate change and anti-money laundering to name a few.

As we approach a busier period for property transactions, we also approach one of the most popular times for people to go on holiday. With school half terms, bank holidays and people chasing warmer climates after a cold winter, it’s the perfect time to get away.

But what happens to your caseloads?

Some Conveyancers will use a locum or have a colleague increase their workload to help. We often see Conveyancers taking their work away with them, squeezing in some work around family time.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

With increased caseloads and transaction timelines under constant scrutiny,

Conveyancers need to be able to take a break without worrying about a detrimental effect on their work. With the number of Conveyancers recently leaving the industry due to burn out, it’s important that moving forwards, firms look after the mental health and wellbeing of their employees.

Outsourcing your title investigation to ntitle can help during employee leave, with no additional workload for a colleague and no need to hire a locum. ntitle keeps your transactions moving, using our subject matter experts.

We conduct a full, comprehensive, title investigation on any tenure regardless of complexity. This means your work can continue whilst you enjoy a proper break and come back to a desk clear of titles. ready to start again feeling refreshed.

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